Nothing White and Gold Can Stay

The Dress is blue and black. This is reality; this is the world we live in. There is hard evidence now. It can no longer be denied.

But the dress – the dress that we see, that famous image – is blue and gold. This, too, cannot be denied.


Imagine a world wherein the Great Blue-and-Black Revelation did not come. In this world, there is only blue and gold. A multitude of answers are eventually absorbed into two factions, two religions. One side sees blue, and is thus tricked into seeing black. The other side sees gold, and is thus tricked into seeing white.


I was once a religious fool, blinded by the light; The Dress, to me, was white and gold. But once I took a step back, once I looked beyond the closed-mindedness of my peers who only accepted two answers, I saw the dress as it truly is: blue and gold. I saw plain reality – no tricks.


Or did I? For the fact remains: The Dress is blue and black.


But perhaps it didn’t have to be.


Were the Blue-and-Black faction right all along? They looked down on us – the naïve White-and-Gold dreamers, the cowardly Blue-and-Gold compromisers – for they saw Reality, in all its grit and darkness. Enlightened, yet cynical, they saw what could not be seen, what the majority did not want to see.


Now we have evidence that they were right. Is this a credit to their perceptiveness – a justification for their elitism? Or were they simply lucky – did they happen to see the right illusion? I don’t know. I’d like to believe that in another reality, there is a white-and-gold Dress photographed in just the right shadow so as to make half the population believe it to be blue and black.


True, I have moved beyond White-and-Gold zealotry. Yet no matter how hard I look, I simply cannot see black. I can only see what is in front of me, illusions – light or dark, white or black – be damned.


The Dress is blue and gold. On this stand I will not waver.


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